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Gold Phoenix Asian Foods

Pork & Black Ears Mushroom Wontons

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Wontons  餃子 (wan4 tan1)  These ones are hand wrapped with pork and black ears mushroom. 

Classic comfort and delicious wontons & black ear mushroom. Adds a nice bouncy texture and good in fibbers and collagen. Ready in 6 minutes with your added beautiful broth or enjoy hot or cold mixed with touch of vegetable.  

This product comes frozen to lock in freshness until you're ready to enjoy. 

Meat Ingredients:   Lean pork, black wood ear mushroom, soy sauce, salt, pepper, ginger, sesame oil.

Wrapper Ingredients: wheat flour, whole eggs, cornstarch, potassium carbonate.

*Using the Jyutping romanisation system

All of our products are hand made, hand packaged and delivered in small batches to ensure the very best taste and experience!